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Launch My Life

Resources for helping launch your life from
high school into college or the workforce


LaunchMyLifeND aims to help students and their families learn about services that help them transition from high school, job training or employment.

Don’t let your disability define your dreams.

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Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination

Want to find success after high school? Building the skills of self-advocacy and self-determination helps!


The ability to speak and act on behalf of yourself.

Learn more at Self-Advocacy Online.


Accepting responsibility for creating the life you want.

Nervous about transitioning to college or the workforce?

What are you going to do after high school?

How to Get the Life You Want


Make your own decisions after getting information from other informed people.
Accept and learn from the consequences of your decisions.
Control your own actions.
Set and achieve your own goals.
Solve your own problems.
Become as independent as possible.
Understand your rights and responsibilities.
Understand your school’s rights and responsibilities.
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What to expect from college and training programs.

Photo of welder working

Here are some steps you can take to enter the workforce.

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Ideas for serving your community or finding public transportation.

What’d you say when someone says you can’t?

Don’t let your disability define your dreams.


This LaunchMyLifeND.com website is brought to you by the North Dakota Transition Consortium. Our goal is to promote, improve, and educate about services that help young adults with disabilities move from high school into college, training, or a job.

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