Transition for High School to the Workforce Checklist

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Years

Talk to students with disabilities about the differences between high school and the workplace.
Help parents understand that their son or daughter with a disability will NOT be covered by the IDEA legislation in the workplace.
Help students and families understand their legal rights and responsibilities.
Encourage them to read and understand the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Help students learn effective ways to disclose their disability if they want workplace accommodations.
Encourage students to be active members of their IEP team.
Connect students with courses that will help them develop strong “soft skills” and understand technology.
Encourage interest testing as a key part of transitioning.
Help students understand their disability, how it may affect them in the workplace, and what accommodations are available and will be helpful.
Refer students to Vocational Rehabilitation so that VR can help them set and achieve goals.
Build on the student’s strengths. Highlight what they can do with or without accommodations. Praise accomplishments. Discuss what is needed to be successful in the workplace.
Be honest and candid with students and parents. Give realistic options.